How to calibrate your pH meter

Calibrating your pH meter is easy! We provide the meter with 30mL of pH 7 buffered solution, meaning you will calibrate your meter to pH 7. For a more accurate calibration, you should also calibrate to pH 4.0 and pH 9.18 - however for our products and growing at home we think calibrating to pH 7 should be accurate enough.

To begin:

  1. Pour the pH 7 buffer solution into a container, make sure there's enough to cover the "probe" in the pH meter.
  2. Place the pH probe in the solution.
  3. Press CAL for 5 seconds. When it flashes 3 times it means the calibration is complete.
  4. Rinse the electrode with water.
  5. Throw out the used pH buffer solution, once it's been used once it cannot be re-used to calibrate pH.

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