Plant Germination Time

This varies from plant to plant and the temperature of your house. On average you will see some sort of germination between 3 and 7 days. But please lookup your plants expected germination time for more specific results.
Check out this handy table for a good reference of where to start!

Plant variety Germination time (Days)
Genovese Basil 5-10
Coriander 7-10
Garlic Chives 14-21
Spinach 5-10
Dill 7-21
Cos Lettuce 7-14
Rocket 7-21
Chives 7-14
Nasturtium 7-14
Lovage 7-21
Cimmaron Lettuce 7-14
Thai Basil 5-10
Rainbow Silverbeet (Chard) 5-10
Golden Silverbeet (Chard) 5-10
Oregano 7-14
Watercress 12-15
Corn Salad 7-21
Violet- Johnny Jump Up 4-7
Chrysanthemum 10-14
Mar 31, 2024

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