What is the best way to refill the water?

  1. Thoroughly mix in nutrients with water in a separate jug. We recommend the ratio of 1 spoon (provided with nutrient jar) to 1 Litre of water.
  2. Pour into the smart garden through the refill holes next to the light stand.
  3. Refill to the same ratio when the water runs out.

Other notable information on water/nutrient consumption by plants:

  • Water consumption is affected by the size of plant, type of plant, temperature, humidity and airflow in the area.
  • Increased water consumption by plants may lead to the concentration of the nutrient water solution to increase (as water is being used at a faster rate than nutrients, especially during hot periods).
  • It is possible that when the nutrient solution get too concentrated, it will actually take water away from the plant (through osmosis)!
  • Different plants have slightly different nutrient requirements - for example leafy greens generally need just half of the nutrients required by herb plants.
  • When the nutrient solution is exposed to light, it will turn to algae (you may see this as a green colouring on your growth medium). To avoid this we recommend using a low nutrient concentration and slowly increasing it as the plant grows. Alternatively you can cover the growth medium with something to block out the light.

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