How often do I have to refill the water?

Though you don't have to water hydroponic plants as regularly as a regular plant, they do still need water from time to time.

Some of our units come with sensors that beep to notify you when the water needs topping up, however not all of them do so make sure you check the water every 2 weeks at a minimum.

Initially your plants will use very little water as seedlings are very small, however as your plants start to grow and mature you will see an increase in the speed they use it up. So check more regularly as your plants get larger/older.

We've broken it down for you here;

Unit Name Basin size/water needed (L) Estimated refill time (weeks) Nutrients needed (scoops)
Indoor Smart Garden 1 2 1
EcoKitchen 7 2-4 2-5
Terra Garden 7 2-4 2-5

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