Why is my plant growing really slowly?

Chances are you're doing everything right, but you're just growing a plant that takes a while to grow, or isnt in the best conditions. Here are some typical reasons why plant growth may be slow;

  1. Some plants grow at a consistent speed but more often than not they have growth spurts. It might just be in a slow phase of its growth cycle.
  2. They might not have enough nutrients or light- make sure you have your unit set to a grow light cycle and that your plant has been fed nutrients.
  3. You may be over pruning them- if you pick too much of your plant you wont be leaving enough leaves to keep the plant growing healthily, so let them grow back a little between harvests!
  4. It's too cold - many plants like temperatures in the mid-20s. Cold weather and low airflow can often stunt growth.

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