Why is my growth medium mouldy?

In the natural environment, UV radiation from the sun kills the mold before it grows, however, our Smart Gardens don't use UV lights (as UV light damages plants in the same way that it damages human skin) - which means mould can sometimes grow in our smart soil.

Most of the mould that we see in our hydroponic setups is white and fluffy. The good news is that this is usually not likely to damage the plant in any way.

Mould prevention:
1. Improve airflow - a place near a window or area with a draft. A moderate level of airflow over plant leaves also helps the plants grow.
2. Reduce humidity and keep the plant in a drier area in your home if possible.
3. Regulate heat - around 25 degrees celsius is ideal.

Once you have already identified that you have mold growing, its a bit too late for the preventative measures, but you can still kill the mould:
1. React ASAP and stop the spread before it grows
2. Mix 1 part water with 1 part vinegar and spray over your growth medium daily until the mould is gone. Try to avoid spraying the leaves themselves, and just aim for the roots if possible.

If this does not work the best option may be to empty everything out and start again with new smart soil.

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