Grow Lights

  • Are these lights suitable for soil plants too?

    Yes! Our lights simply imitate the wavelength of light that plants need to grow. That means you can use this for your hydroponics, aquaponics, or soil grown gardening project!
  • Can the grow lights be used in humid environments?

    Unfortunately our grow lights are not IP (ingress protection) rated, so they're not suitable for use in high humidity environments over a prolonged duration.
  • Does the grow light produce UV light?

    Our grow lights use LED bulbs that emit a very small amount of UV light. Don’t panic though, the UV output is even less than most household bulbs and it definitely isn’t enough to harm your plants in any way,
  • Do you leave the grow lights on 24/7 or do you turn them off at night time to mimic normal daylight

    Leaving the lights on 24/7 isn't good for your plants, they have respiratory cycles just like us, and need some downtime form the sun to grow properly. We recommend that you sync the lights up with the daylight. You could run your light overnight and rest during the day, but you get a small effi...
  • How are grow lights different to normal lights?

    The image below shows the typical wavelengths of everyday lights that you would be familiar with. In comparison, this image shows the ideal wavelenths required for plants growth. As you can see plants primarily require blue and red light between the 400-500 and 600-700nm wavelengths. Other por...
  • How do I position the grow light and use its settings?

    Ensure the light stays at least 10cm from any leaves (so as to not burn the leaves). Adjust the timer to suit your plant's needs 12hrs for plants in spaces with low light levels 9hrs for spaces which receive indirect natural light, 3hrs for plants in high natural light environments). Also conside...
  • Lumens/Watts/Kelvin/PAR - What is the best way to measure the effectiveness of a grow light?

    Grow lights are different to normal household light bulbs, they provide light to plants that is in a different wavelength than the light which we can see (or the visible light spectrum). To understand grow light measurement you first need to know the difference between the main measurements: Lum...
  • Miscellaneous HydroGlow bulbs questions

    How do I replace the bulb? The HydroGlow bulbs are screw bulbs, to replace them you can simply unscrew, and re-screw the new one in! If you need - we have replacement grow lights available in store.
  • What is the difference between the different types of grow lights?

    The main difference between the full spectrum and purple LED grow lights is of course the colour (duhh). Click this link to take the quiz to figure out which light would work best for you! Plants primarily need the red and blue wavelengths of light to grow. The BreezyGro and EasyGro lights provi...