• How can I test the concentration of nutrients?

    To get accurate nutrient readings, you can use an EC meterĀ and pH meter to measure the concentration of nutrients in your water solution to help you give your plant exactly what it needs to grow. Use the plant database to find out theĀ ideal pH and electrical conductivity range for your plant type.
  • How do the nutrients work?

    How to use our nutrients for herbs and leafy greens. Using nutrients without a nutrient meter: 1. Add 5mL - 10mL nutrients per litre of water depending on what plant you are growing. Herbs & leafy greens typically need closer to 5mL, whereas fruiting & flowering plants need closer to 10mL...
  • Should I feed plants differently in summer and winter?

    Yes. Plant growth varies in line with seasonal changes. Summer represents a period of active growth for the overwhelming majority of plants due to the warmer weather and as a result extra feeding is required. Winter represents a period of dormancy and very little or no feeding is required. The a...