How do the nutrients work?

How to use our nutrients for herbs and leafy greens.
Using nutrients without a nutrient meter:
1. Add 5mL - 10mL nutrients per litre of water depending on what plant you are growing. Herbs & leafy greens typically need closer to 5mL, whereas fruiting & flowering plants need closer to 10mL.
2. Top up water & nutrients at the same dilution as water gets low.

Using nutrients with a nutrient meter for herbs and leafy greens:
1. Every plant has a different nutrient requirement for plant growth, to give your plant the best chance for growth, we recommend searching up the plant you’re growing in our database, to determine what nutrient concentration will help you get the best results out of your plants.
2. Then use your Urban Plant Growers nutrient meter to test the nutrient concentration of the
3. Add water to dilute the solution, or add nutrients to increase the concentration as required.

Using nutrients for flowering or fruiting plants such as chillies or strawberries.
1. Make sure you're using a flowering or fruiting nutrient.
2. Mix 5mL nutrients per litre of water.
3. Add the mixed nutrient solution to your plant.
4. As soon as your plant starts to flower, increase dosage to 7mL per litre, and work up to 10mL over the next two weeks.
5. Use 10mL per litre moving forward

Using nutrients for indoor plants
1. Add 2-5mL nutrients per litre of water, and then water plants with the nutrient solution as they would normally require.

For more details see our nutrient info card.
For details on what your nutrient concentration and pH should be, check out our nutrient specification page.

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