How do I know how much nutrients to add?

Using Nutrients Without a Nutrient Meter

When using nutrients without a nutrient meter, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the nutrient concentration directions as suggested on the nutrient package label. Herbs and leafy greens typically require around half the nutrients required by fruiting and flowering plants.
  2. Top up the water and nutrients at the same dilution level as the water level decreases.

Nutrient Application for Flowering or Fruiting Plants

If you are cultivating flowering or fruiting plants like chillies or strawberries, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are using a flowering or fruiting nutrient formula.
  2. Mix nutrients at the suggested dilution ratio shown on the nutrient package label.
  3. Apply the nutrient solution to your plants.
  4. Maintain the same dosage moving forward for optimal growth.

Nutrient Guidelines for Indoor Plants

When caring for indoor plants, use the following instructions:

  1. Add 2-5mL of nutrients per liter of water and water your plants with the nutrient solution as needed.

Nutrient Monitoring Tools

To achieve accurate nutrient readings for your plants, Gathera recommends using an EC meter and a pH meter. These tools are essential for measuring the concentration of nutrients in your water solution, allowing you to fine-tune the nutrient levels to meet your plant's specific requirements.

  • EC Meter: The EC meter helps you measure the electrical conductivity of your water, giving you insights into the nutrient levels present in the solution.
  • pH Meter: Monitoring the pH levels of your water solution is crucial for ensuring that your plants can effectively absorb nutrients. The pH meter from Gathera enables you to maintain the optimal pH range for your plants.

Plant Database for Customized Care

Gathera understands that different plants have varying nutrient requirements. To assist you in providing the best care for your plants, Gathera offers a comprehensive plant database. By utilizing this resource, you can easily access information on the ideal pH and electrical conductivity range for your specific plant type.

  • Plant Database: Explore Gathera's plant database to discover the precise nutrient needs of your plants. Whether you are growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers, this database provides valuable insights to help you optimize your plant's growth.

Using Nutrients with a Nutrient Meter for Herbs and Leafy Greens

For precise nutrient management, especially for herbs and leafy greens, utilize a nutrient meter:

  1. Research the specific nutrient requirements of the plant you are growing in Gathera's database to determine the optimal nutrient concentration for your plants.
  2. Use your Gathera nutrient meter to test the nutrient concentration of the water.
  3. Adjust the solution by adding water to dilute or nutrients to increase the concentration as needed.

For more detailed information on our nutrient products, refer to our nutrient info card. Additionally, to determine the ideal nutrient concentration and pH levels for your plants, visit our nutrient specification page.

By following these guidelines and leveraging Gathera's high-quality nutrients, you can promote robust growth and vibrant health in your plants, whether they are thriving indoors or outdoors. Experience the difference with Gathera and watch your plants flourish like never before!

Apr 4, 2024

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